Fox Releases Dollhouse Application Powered by Adobe AIR

Fox recently released an application called Virtual Echo powered by Adobe AIR that takes the character Echo out of the hit series Dollhouse and brings her to your computer.

From the official website, features of the application include:

DESKTOP ECHO: Turn any computer into your own personal Dollhouse with the Virtual Echo application. Watch as Echo activates as nine different personas, each one making an appearance on your desktop with a unique message. Leave it on and let her surprise you, or interact with her like never before.

AUGMENTED REALITY ECHO: Expand your Echo experience with augmented reality. Just print the Dollhouse card icon and hold it in front of your webcam. You will see a digital hologram of Echo on your screen. Use your arrow keys to navigate through her different personas.

We are thrilled that Fox decided to build a very engaging and high production value application on top of AIR. Even if you are not familiar with the show, you may be inspired by the creativity of this application. Congratulations to the teams that worked on this!

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