Flash Player 10.1 Beta 2 Available on Adobe Labs

Flash Player 10.1 beta 2 for desktops and netbooks is available for download on Adobe Labs.

In addition to the normal stability and bug fixes in a beta refresh, beta 2 includes the new global error handler feature, the most frequently requested enhancement in our public bug and issue management system. Now you can write a single function that collects data on all errors, even unexpected runtime errors.

We have also added debug versions of Flash Player 10.1 beta 2 to Labs so you can see errors at runtime and intercept them by registering a global error handler. You can view two examples of using the global error handler via Tour de Flex or using the desktop version. Tour de Flex includes other new samples that will help you get started with gestures and microphone access, another community-driven feature in Flash Player 10.1 and its superset, AIR 2.0.

To start testing Flash Player 10.1 beta 2, download the prerelease on Adobe Labs, read the release notes and provide feeback on the user forums.

– The Flash Player Team

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