Help shape future versions of Flash Builder

There are a number of different sources of information that we use when planning future versions of our tools, including, but not limited to, feedback gathered via pre-release programs, customer surveys, sync-dev meetings, product forums and in-person discussions at conferences, etc.

For Flash Builder, we also actively request that developers log bugs and feature requests using JIRA, which is hosted at We review all the feature enhancements that are logged and pay particular attention to those requests that have community support, by way of the number of votes received.

The current top 10 feature requests are listed below, with the full list visible here (note: you will need to login or create an account first as anonymous browsing is currently disabled).

Flash Builder feature requests

If you have already logged a feature request or voted then thank you! If you haven’t and can spare half an hour, now would be a great time to review the list of requested features, vote for your favourites and add features that you’d like to see in Flash Builder.

Whilst we can’t guarantee to implement every feature request in the next version of the product, we do take the feedback you give us very seriously and it is all used to help shape the future direction of Flash Builder.

If you haven’t used before then you’ll find a quick guide to getting started here.

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