Just Ask Us 2 questions answered

After a long wait (sorry), I have finally recorded the answers to the questions from Just Ask Us episode 2. If you happen to follow me on Twitter and were online last night, you had the ability to watch me record it live and ask more questions. I decided to record it using UStream so people can interact and chat as I record. I will do future episodes in this way too but I will make a blog post with the date and time if you want to see it live. In this episode I answered 50 questions from the original blog post and then took a few more questions from the live chat. Below I have put the list of questions along with the timecode so you can seek to the question that you want to see.
Timecode Question
00:00:59 I work with SVN and was wondering if there will be a more source control friendly alternative to the FLA file?
00:01:30 Adobe and Akamai joining forces on a media player is troubling me.
00:02:34 In Flash Builder, if I copy and paste code that I wrote for another class, is there a way to automatically import the necessary classes?
00:03:26 One of the big things that people bring up constantly is the lack of optimization with the Flash compiler. Is this being worked on?
00:04:24 Is Adobe considering expanding the capabilities of the AIR API for a richer interaction with the OS?
00:05:18 Is there a chance the Flash Player or AIR itself will allow developers to work with threads?
00:06:01 What is the focus with the next iteration of Flash Player? Can we anticipate some big ActionScript language changes/additions?
00:07:00 Do you know of any good online academic programs for learning actionscript, flex, and other Flash related material?
00:07:45 Why doesn’t Adobe release Flash Builder for free? Wouldn’t that further promote the Flash platform?
00:08:38 Why is Flash CS4 still too buggy and slow (even after the latest 10.0.2 update)?
00:09:40 Is AS4 finally going to be the grown-up version of ActionScript?
00:10:52 When is the adobe flash player core team going to make a completely new run-time instead of updating it?
00:11:45 Why is there no mouse wheel support for Mac out of the box?
00:12:02 Is Adobe going to rework the animation interface to make it more competitive with Toon Boom Animate?
00:13:00 Why is the built-in tweening engine slower than 3rd party alternatives?
00:13:46 I am from tunisia (south africa). I am wondering if there will any evangelism here in my country?
00:14:25 Flash is a great games platform, so any chance of gamepad/joypad/joystick support?
00:15:15 How about an easy way to use ASDOC in Flash CS5?
00:16:33 Will we ever see an option for true GPU support?
00:17:23 Apple and Microsoft both have very strong distribution networks for independent developers. Is Adobe looking at creating their own?
00:18:10 Is the 31fps optimal frame rate a thing of the past?
00:18:49 Will Patch Panel and Switchboard technologies ever merge into one cohesive product?
00:19:57 Does Adobe have in mind a program for startups like Microsoft’s BizSpark?
00:20:27 How much does Adobe value videogame coders?
00:21:26 What is up with the Flash Player settings dialog? It’s embarrassing.
00:22:17 With basic 3D now supported in Flash, any plans to add a 3D camera similar to how the 3D camera in After Effects works?
00:23:06 Will there be seamless round tripping between Flash CS5 and Flash Builder?
00:23:20 What’s going on with Stratus?
00:24:24 Do you recommend taking the Flash CS4 ACE exam?
00:25:06 Is the next iteration of the flash player going to have native support for any new image/music/video formats?
00:25:51 Is it possible to take a project from Flash into AE? For example using XFL?
00:26:30 Are you going to have diffusion curves in Flash CS5? If you only put them in Illustrator, I’m gonna kill you.
00:27:10 Most of the Flash dev guys I work with cannot understand why fonts don’t work properly in Flash. Is this being fixed?
00:28:01 Will we ever see something like an internal SQL in Flash?
00:28:42 I’m just getting into Flex and was wondering if there was a way to disable the building of the HTML wrapper as the default option?
00:29:27 Can we expect to communicate to lower level .dlls from Flash nativly to create more powerful applications?
00:29:56 Is there a way to monitor the process of XML loading and tell the user, instead of freezing up animations and other things?
00:30:47 What would it take to overhaul the Flash Player to make SWF content more accessible and search engine friendly?
00:31:47 I need to control 5.1 surround sound system in AIR. Will it be in the next AIR version?
00:32:21 Suppose I have a table sitting inside MySQL on a server. If the user changes any values inside a Flex DataGrid, I would like that change to propagate to MySQL. What is the best way to accomplish this?
00:33:25 How do you explain to a client, that Flash is a better option than AJAX?
00:34:52 Is there is any way to launch native application from AIR?
00:35:29 I want to use the mic to allow users to record audio snippets, however, I don’t want the expense and fuss of installing Flash Media Server.
00:36:32 Is Adobe looking for Platform Evangelists outside the US, like Latin America?
00:37:07 I wanted to ask if there will be a pause method in the Timer class?
00:38:18 Will there be an embedded player version that can run AS3 coming soon?
00:39:16 It is awful how textfields represent text with embed images. Will it be improved?
00:40:06 It’s really frustrating that you can’t resize bitmaps in Flash. What is Adobe doing about this?
00:40:37 Is there any possibility of an Adobe Flash college tour?
00:41:03 Will the timeline ever start with frame 0? Seems inconsistent for it start at 1, with the rest of AS3 being zero-based.


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