The Catch Me If You Can Dead Drop

I’m going to be heading to my parents house in Virginia for the holidays and have decided to drive. I’ve always loved road trips and have really missed seeing the country this way. Back in the day I used to drive from coast to coast with no sleep without even thinking about it. We’ll see how I do this time. I will be taking I-40 across the country which will keep me out of most of the inclement weather. I-80 at this time of year can be very bad news when going through Utah and Wyoming. I will begin my journey sometime early on Monday.

Since I’m doing this road trip I thought that it would be a great opportunity for another dead drop! This one is quite different from the other ones you may have read about. I built a cool little iPhone application in Flash CS5 that updates a database with my current GPS location. Assuming I have a data connection it should do it every few seconds. I have also built a Flex 4 application that plots my current position using the Google maps API. It also will automatically update my position every few seconds. The goal is simple. Find me out on the open highway and do a yet-to-be-determined action to claim the prize. More details will come about the prizes, rules, and what that action will be. Below is a screenshot of the Flex application which you’ll be able to use to track me.

Stay tuned!

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