What happened to the Flash CS5 beta?

This is obviously a very hot topic right now and many people have been rightfully pissed off by our decision to cancel the public beta. I too am disappointed by the decision as I have been telling audiences for months that it was coming. Based on a lot of the things that I have read over the last day or so I felt I needed to address this topic as people are coming up with all kinds of conspiracy theories.

Anyone who has worked in software long enough knows that sometimes schedules and priorities change over the course of a project, and that is all that has happened here. This is not some sign that the current build is too unstable or lacking in quality. In fact I have found the current builds to be very solid. The real problem deals with the immense amount of extra work that comes from managing a public beta. There is way more that goes into it besides just posting a build up on labs. The decision was made to cancel the beta because the team needs to focus their entire attention on putting out an awesome release, on time, with solid stability.

I want to make it clear that the Flash team is painfully aware of the stability issues that went out with Flash CS4. Many were fixed with the 10.1 update but there are some that are clearly still there. It is one of their top priorities to put out a release with a lot of great new features AND one that also is extremely reliable.

With all that being said, we said we were going to do it and got everyone extremely excited about it, only to then pull the plug on it. I don’t blame you for being upset but I hope you can understand the reasons for it.


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