ASDocr Simplifies Documenting Your Flex-based Applications

Grant Skinner released a new, free tool called ASDocr built using the Adobe AIR 2 beta. The application is a graphical front-end to ASDoc, a command-line tool available in the Flex SDK. ASDoc allows you to create API language reference documentation as HTML pages from the classes in your Adobe Flex application.

From Grant’s blog post announcing ASDocr:

Building on the new nativeProcess APIs in AIR 2.0, it provides a simple graphical interface to ASDoc. It walks you through all of the common params ASDoc supports, with help for each of them. You can save configurations for multiple projects, and clone configurations to act as a starting point for new projects.

If you are interested in checking out this application, you can find links to download the Mac and Windows builds on his blog (according to a comment on the blog, a Linux version is in the works). Be sure to grab the Adobe AIR 2 beta before installing the application as it will not run on AIR 1.5.3. If you have feedback on the application, Grant has requsted that feedback it be posted as a comment on his blog.


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