Flash Player 10.1 coming to Google Nexus One

Earlier today, Google announced their new [Nexus One ](http://www.google.com/phone). As part of the Open Screen Project, we’ve been working with Google to make sure that the Nexus One will have Flash Player 10. It’s got a very powerful 1 GhZ chip made by Qualcomm, so you’ll be able to play a ton of games, watch video, and browse other Web content built with Flash. We’re still working on the finishing touches so Flash Player 10.1 isn’t available publicly yet, but we’ll deliver it over the air to existing phones once it’s available. In the meantime, I thought you might like to see this video of some examples Flash content running on this great new phone.

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30 thoughts on “Flash Player 10.1 coming to Google Nexus One

  1. Adrian,
    Thanks for the update on Flash Player 10.1 but can you clear something up for me? Is this coming to all Android enabled phones like the DROID or just Nexus One?

  2. We’re working on making Flash Player 10.1 on any Android device (as well as Windows Mobile, WebOS, Symbian, Blackberry, etc.). Specific to the DROID — we’ll be posting a demo of Flash Player 10.1 on the DROID very soon…

  3. Looks like we are going to need an adblocker real quick!

    While I have some sympathy for your business models, it’s going to make my battery hurt.

    If you want Flash ads on my phone you’re going to have to wait until they build phones that run on fuel cells

  4. Andy, just like any other technology. If you think AJAX-heavy websites or complex apps don’t use a lot of battery, think again. Agreed that Flash ads are a pain, but considering it the technology’s fault is missing the point.

    Still, it may be cool for you to read on the changes Adobe introduced with FP 10.1 which are specially focused on making it take less power on mobile devices by suspending execution when possible — http://www.adobe.com/devnet/logged_in/jchurch_flashplayer10.1.html, the “Designed for Mobile” section — which even include a ‘built-in’ Flash block system.

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  6. Do you have an ETA. I have been hearing for over a year that you had a flash player for g1 coming. I in fact watched your video on you tube where flash 10 was playing on g1 over six months ago.

  7. Great Video, looks promising
    I am waiting for flash on my new nexus one…
    Is any version similar to what is there in HTC hero available for nexus one ?
    Can u give us some idea of the expected date of public release of flash player 10 for Nexus one?


  8. Hola. Estoy trabajando con texto de entrada. Me gustaría saber cómo puedo hacer para que, al abrir la aplicación, el cursor esté en un campo de texto determinado sin que el usuario haga click dentro de él. En caso de tener la respuesta pueden contactar en torral@telefonica.net. Gracias. Mamen

  9. Getting so board of these Flash demos running on smartphones; just to see that the plugin never arrives. What gives, just release a bloody beta for us to use/test/provide feedback. Hell, give us an alpha version… Just give us something; anything other than more damn videos!

  10. When will you release the flash player for the cliq? Please let me know that’s all this phone needs!!!

  11. Hi Michelle, we are making good progress with Flash Player on Android. We’re still on track to release it on Android devices by the first half of 2010. Thank you for waiting!

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  15. I have been hearing for over a assemblage that you had a winkle contestant for g1 coming. I in fact watched your recording on you plaything where winkle 10 was activity on g1 over sextet months ago.

  16. This is so good to see. There is no way that you run the nexus without flash player. I would not use the phone with out it. This just makes the technology better.
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  17. Hi
    When you release the flash player for G1 ?
    Evrytime I am hearing about the february and the first half of the year but since this statement nothing happend and no new release date is published.

    I’m waiting for this app so lang an I hope it comes soon.