New Year’s messages from theFlashBlog

I wanted to make a New Year’s post to get the year started off right. My good buddy Ryan Stewart posted the first of a three-part blog post talking about what happened with the Flash Platform in 2009. I won’t try to duplicate that kind of post here as Ryan can out-blog me with both hands behind his back. Instead I just want to send out some messages.

To the Flash community
I’m now into my second year as an evangelist and my love for Flash and its community is stronger than ever. You’re what gets me up the morning and the fact that I get to interact with you on a daily basis is an honor for me. Our community really does feel like a family. Sometimes families disagree and get into spats and we are not immune to that either. Families can be open and honest with each other and say things that are at times harsh. But that is OK because you know that deep down, we all love each other. Other communities try to mimic us because of the tight-knit bond we all have and the immense amount of creative work that is produced by us each year. Be proud to be a part of it. I know I am.

To unnamed company 1
On personal level you guys are great. I count many of you as my friends. You unfairly get a bad rap on everything that you try to do. I wish I could say that I wish you success this year, but I can’t. So far it hasn’t been much of a fight and I don’t expect that to change this year. Focusing on your existing base is a wise way to proceed. Looking forward to seeing you again this year and swapping stories. Oh and fire your marketing team or at the very least tell them to stop copying everything we do.

To unnamed company 2
Like many people, I love you and I hate you. I love the products you make and I suppose I wish deep down, that you felt the same. Your arrogance has gotten you where you are today. But be careful, as many a great institution has let their arrogance be their downfall. Recognize who your allies are in this world, as you may one day need them.

To open-source and standards zealots
I have to admit that of all the groups I deal with, you are definitely the most frustrating. As for standards, I hate to be the one who breaks it to you, but Flash is a standard. It has been made a standard by the people who matter the most, the end users. Everyone knows what Flash is and they will readily update it because they know that it is an integral part of the web experience. You can go on and on about ECMA or whether or not Flex is really open source. In the meantime we will be pushing the Flash Player forward and the end users will benefit from it. Clients and consumers don’t care whether or not the site they are interacting with was built in a proprietary tool or runtime. As for the open web folks, HTML 5 looks to be great and I am looking forward to using it myself. I am the first one to state that Flash should be used only for certain things. HTML will always be a part of the web and I think it is time you acknowledge that Flash is just as much a part of it too. If you want to use HTML and JS to do everything and hope that Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and IE will all agree on the same implementations then I wish you luck. But I gave up worrying about browser differences years ago when I became a Flasher.

To all the complainers
There have been many people who have chronically complained about us over the last year. I put these people into two groups. Group one is filled with passionate people who love Flash but are frustrated with certain decisions or directions that we take. These are the people that I don’t mind hearing complaints from, as a lot of the time, we agree completely with you. If your true objective is to help the Flash Platform become the best that it can be, then please continue ripping us a new one and we will gladly pass that feedback to the appropriate teams. The other group is filled with haters, egomaniacs, and people who are just trying to cause drama. If you say that you think Adobe should give up trying to bring the Flash Player to mobile devices and that in 5 years Flash will be irrelevant, don’t expect to be on our Christmas card list. So to sum up, all I ask is that you bitch-slap us for the right reasons.

To Latin America
I love your culture and think that you have an amazing community of Flashers that have been under represented for too long. I will continue to try and change things in 2010 starting with Flash Camp Brasil and ending with the second Latin Flash Tour. I promise to try and work on my Spanish this year.

I can’t wait to spend 2010 with you all!

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