Acrobat Connect Pro is now on the AppStore

One of the tools that I use almost every day at Adobe for screensharing, video conferencing and presentations is called Acrobat Connect Pro.  It has been around for quite some time and today it’s used globally by organizations to help reduce the travel burden, as well as enabling teams to work together.

Today it is available for the Mac and PC and is created using the Flash Platform, with the addition of some extra features for screen sharing built into the Connect Addin for the desktop.

The great news is that yesterday the team launched their first version of Connect on mobile devices, starting with the iPhone.  It is available for free now on the AppStore, although of course you will need an account and you can sign up for a 30 day trial for free over here.


  • Attend Connect Pro Meetings with integrated conference call or Voice over IP audio.
  • See who has joined the meeting, and their role (host, presenter, or attendee)
  • View presentations, PDF documents, videos, and screen sharing provided by the meeting organizer.
  • Rotate, pan, and zoom to choose your personal ‘best view’ of shared content
  • View webcamera broadcasts from unlimited live camera feeds provided in the meeting
  • Participate in Chat conversations throughout the meeting.
  • Join meetings attended by users on virtually any computer system: Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris and now iPhone.

Built using Flash Professional CS5

Acrobat Connect for the iPhone was created using the Adobe Flash Platform, and specifically with AIR 2.0 APIs.  The team were able to create their contextual application using Flash Professional CS5 and simply package the application using the upcoming tool!

I know that many of you have wondered about building out complex applications such as this, and so I think this is a great demonstration of what you can achieve using both AIR and the new Flash Pro tool.

In addition, we have already shown Acrobat Connect running on Android devices and that was achieved by simply repackaging the code.  The team made some great choices with regards to their design that have made it possible for the UI to lay itself out dynamically for different screen sizes and orientations.  Some of the mobile developers among you will probably have played with these concepts before, and the rule has always been to ensure that you bake these into your design and development from the start.

As you can see the experience is really fluid and great for the end user.  I’ve been able to connect seamlessly to the Connect session and broadcast my iTunes library in coverflow view :-)

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