Adobe AIR Will Enable Innovation on Tablet Devices

There was so much exciting news to come out of Barcelona this week if you are a fan of mobile devices. We saw Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR both announced on the Android platform. As I’m sure you have seen from the demos, not only are these technologies running on Android, but they are running extremely well. There was also the announcement that Flash Player and AIR will be coming to Blackberry devices as well. It’s great to finally see some results from all the hard work Adobe and its partners in the Open Screen Project have been doing.

The example that really blew me away regarding the potential of AIR on tablet devices was the new magazine reader created jointly by Adobe and Wired Magazine. This amazing application allows for a state-of-the-art digital magazine experience and includes things like a multi-touch UI, 3D views, and fully integrated social media and video content. It also utilizes the Text Layout Framework, which provides amazingly rich text capabilities that far exceed what is possible with any other runtime. Check out the video below to see the new reader in action.

If you want to check out an existing AIR application that uses some of the elements shown in the Wired Reader, I highly recommend downloading the New York Times Reader application. This is one of the slickest AIR applications I have ever seen.

The creative community that designs and develops content using Adobe tools are legendary for creating unique interactive content. Through Adobe AIR, this community will be able to easily turn design ideas into finished applications that run across virtually all operating systems and mobile devices. They will even be able to export these applications for the iPhone and iPad using the new packager coming in Flash CS5. As a side note to that, no single individual, regardless of how many tantrums they throw, will ever be able to stifle the innovation of the Flash community.


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