Adobe Theatre Presentations at Mobile World Congress

Barcelona is going to be the place to be next week as Mobile World Congress 2010 gets rolling. At the Adobe booth (Stand 1D45 in Hall 1), we will be hosting live theatre presentations together with our Open Screen Project partners. Adobe is looking forward to showcasing Flash Player 10.1 and the amazing work that developers, content publishers, and technology partners in the Open Screen Project have already done with it.  Content publishers have been hard at work creating immersive web-browsing experiences, and they will be there along with device partners demonstrating their technologies optimized for Flash Player 10.1.

Stop in and see how developers and content publishers are using the Flash Platform to deliver to any screen, providing users with open access to rich interactive media, content, and applications on a rapidly growing list of devices.

Here is a list of just some of the sessions that partners will be presenting at the booth theatre:
•    Professional mobile web video made easy (Brightcove)
•    Unlocking Adobe Flash Player with mobile GPUs (NVIDIA)
•    Discovering the full web with Adobe Flash on Android-based handsets from Motorola
•    RIM and Adobe:  Enriching web and app experience on BlackBerry devices
•    Optimizing content for the Adobe Flash Player 10.1 on Palm Pre (Palm)
•    La Vanguardia:  Incorporating mobile web video content
•    Adobe, Brightcove and the development of the STV Player (
•    Creating ad-supported iPhone and iPad apps with Adobe Packager and Greystripe

You can also click here o download a full schedule of the theatre presentation.
See you there!

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11 thoughts on “Adobe Theatre Presentations at Mobile World Congress

  1. there is a strategic war going on here (i think the technical
    problems could be resolved soon). apple doesn’t want flash to be the video-standard on the web. it wants the open, non proprietary h.264 to be successful. (it even convinced google to re-encode the youtube library to that format to be playable on the iphone.) in 2010/2011 50-100 million people will surf the web on the iphone/ipod touch platform. hence the power to simply not supporting a technology which apple doesn’t want to be successful. of course this drives all the pundits crazy. how has apple become so powerful to even try such a feat?
    what is difficult to understand though is that the pundits aren’t on apple’s side. isn’t an open standard supposed to be better than a proprietary technology? maybe not in any case. I think this issue will also be discussed during the conference. will do my best to get by pdf SE as much info from it as possible.

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