Happy Birthday Adobe® AIR®… 2 years and still growing

images.jpeg On February 25, 2008 Adobe gave birth to something truly wonderful, Adobe AIR. In two short years, we’ve seen the rapid growth and adoption of Adobe AIR with major brand names to small start-ups. AIR now powers a variety of apps used by enterprises and everyday consumers in applications for social networking, gaming, elearning, subscription based services, tax collection, viewing of live events, video, productivity tools, collaboration services, event promotion (e.g. movie launches), etc. I can’t wait to see all the new applications that we will see in 2010 that take advantage of the new desktop features in AIR 2 as well as the mobile release with support for Android and iPhone.

“It takes a village to raise child”
Everybody on the Adobe Flash Platform team would like to take this opportunity to thank all the developers, partners and customers that have provided feedback, participated in our betas, supported and adopted Adobe AIR over the last two years. Adobe can’t to it alone and you the community (our village) are a big part of AIR’s success.

We actually started the birthday party a little early in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress when we demonstrated AIR working on Android and we received an earlier birthday present with Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ Pro Mobile now available on the iPhone (yes, this is AIR using Packager for iPhone). BTW, since this app was created using Flash that means Adobe will be able to use the same code to deliver this application on other mobile devices. The number of AIR apps in the App Store keeps growing and in a few weeks we’ll highlight a few of the AIR apps for the iPhone so stay tuned.

-The Adobe AIR Team

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