Redmond Pie and the “Farmville Test”

Many of you may have read that the HTC Desire ROM has become “available” via Modaco Forums and their chef Paul.  As reported Taimur from Remond Pie has uploaded a video demo of the HTC Desire running Farmville within Facebook, and as he discovered, it wasn’t quite baked for mobile devices.

The story is a little more complex than simply being a beta build running content that hasn’t been optimized for small screens; although that’s true as well.

At Mobile World Congress Adobe demonstrated the full Flash Player (Flash Player 10.1) running on Android, Palm webOS and other smartphone platforms.  As a high end smartphone, the HTC Desire will ultimately support Flash Player 10.1 when it becomes available in the first half of 2010.  As a user you will be able to upgrade the free player over the air with a simple software update.

Currently however, the HTC Desire ROM contains our highly optimized player Flash Lite, not Flash Player 10.1.

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