Improving accessibility in Flash Player and the Flash Platform

Andrew Kirpatrick just blogged on the Adobe Accessibility blog about an important upgrade we are planning for accessibility in Flash Player, AIR and Flex. Specifically, we will use IAccessible2 from the Linux Foundation and the WAI-ARIA specification from the W3C. Flash Player already implements Microsoft’s MSAA API ,and IAccessible2 (IA2) is a more modern API that provides improvements to MSAA. Choosing IA2 will enable us to address user and developer needs and to ease interoperability with assistive technology vendors across all three major operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux). Note this is not a Flash Player 10.1 feature, but we wanted to demonstrate our commitment and identify the specific improvements we are making to improve support for the needs of computer users with disabilities. This work and related accessibility improvements are expected in the next major release* of the player.

* Yep, as always, I can’t provide you with a date on that one

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