Device Central CS5 – Accelerometer Emulation

Many devices now come with Accelerometer, in fact back in late 2007 it was “discovered” that the Nokia N95 had one that wasn’t exposed through an API.  Nokia were in fact using the chip to create better images from the camera by removing the dreaded shakes, and even today it’s one of the best devices for taking pictures and video.

Lately we’ve seen these chips used to rotate the UI or to provide interesting models for user interaction through gestures like shaking.  So we thought it timely to introduce the flash.sensors.Accelerometer API into Flash Player 10.1 and AIR.  With the new API you can create games and applications that make use of the API consistently across device platforms.

In Device Central CS5 we have also added a new feature to help with the testing of applications and content using this API.  The team tell me that this new feature is actually using Flash Player embedded in the panel!

The video below covers this new feature, including the APIs, testing and deployment with Device Central, as well as  a demo on the Google Nexus One.

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