Great AIR for Android Example – Easy and Speedy

We have only had the AIR for Android private beta open for a couple of days but already developers are rapidly creating cool games and applications. Jobe Makar, the lead developer at Electrotank, has posted his thoughts on the ease and speed of development as compared to his experiences with the often-painful Apple processes. He has posted a couple of videos of a game that he was able to port to Android in a few hours, and that “includes downloading and installing the SDKs, walking through a Hello World tutorial, charging the device for a little while, and making some minor code edits”, said Makar.

Expect more and more testimonials like this as the beta gets out to all developers. We are able to get tremendous performance on Android devices because Google and the various handset manufacturers have chosen to work closely with us to provide the best possible experience to the end user. Go Android!


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