Straight from Engineering: Tinic Uro

I wanted to drive your attention towards Serge’s recent post about 6 lesser known features of Flash Player 10.1.  As Serge points out, one of our Flash Player engineers Tinic Uro is also a keen blogger with some detailed articles on performance, porting and certain compromises that we have made.

The most important articles are as follows:

Timing is Right

Tinic discusses the process of changing the Timer mechanism for Flash Player 10.1, the development of which is now in the beta release candidate.  With this new solution it will be possible to save power and reduce the CPU load for non-visible content.

Press Any Key To Continue

An article about screensaver timeouts and SWF throttling for non-visible content.  This means that Flash content running in background tabs or browser windows will not

Following Tinic’s advice I have now downloaded the Webkit nightly build and frankly it just works, I can’t wait to see this implemented elsewhere over time.

Core Animation

A post that discusses the move for Flash Player 10.1 to use the Cocoa porting layer with a Carbon fallback to accommodate Opera and Firefox browsers.  This should give you some idea as to why Mac performance isn’t what it could be.

Hopefully that will have given you some background and got you thinking about the Flash Player engineering process.  You can download the components discussed here.

Flash Player 10.1 RC

Webkit Nightly Build (Safari)

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