Adobe at Google I/O – An Unofficial Recap

For being only two days in length, Google I/O certainly packed a punch this year. There were lots of announcements and Adobe was at the center of many of them. Through some creative badge sharing, I was lucky enough to attend this year. Here are the some of the things that were announced that are of interest to Flashers.

HTML 5 Extension for Dreamweaver CS5
If you cut through the FUD machine you know that Adobe supports HTML 5 and sees it as a vital piece of the web, alongside Flash. To that end, Adobe has released a free extension to Dreamweaver CS5 that has some great features if you are working with HTML 5 or mobile devices. At the most basic level, the extension provides the necessary code hinting and completion for HTML 5 and CSS 3. The nicest feature is the new Multiscreen Preview Panel. This allows you to see how your page will be rendered on a phone, a tablet, and the web at the same time. It also allows you to include CSS logic to change the layout based on the target device. Awesome stuff!

Google Open Sources VP8 and Adobe Adds Flash Player Support
One of the major arguments surrounding HTML 5 deals with choosing the best codec to support. Google announced that it would be open sourcing the VP8 video codec. At the same time we announced that we would support VP8 playback in Flash Player along with H.264 and VP6. For me the big takeaway from this is, Adobe has you covered no matter what format you choose. I’ll leave it to the browsers to battle on which one is best. We have no time frame for rolling VP8 support in Flash Player, but if you came by the Adobe sandbox you saw that we already have it working.

Adobe Releases Flash Player 10.1 for Android (kinda)
I only say kinda because you have to have Android 2.2 (Froyo) in order to run it. The trouble is that the vast majority of folks don’t have early access to Froyo. Once you have Froyo you will be able to download the beta 1 version of 10.1 through the Android marketplace. You can read the details here.

Adobe Announces AIR for Android Public Beta
Our private beta for AIR has been rocking and I’m excited that we are now entering the public beta phase. All you have to do is go on over to the Adobe Labs site and sign an NDA. After that you will automatically be added to the beta program. Unlike 10.1, AIR will run on Eclair and does not require Froyo. Have fun with it!

AIR for Android Flash CS5 Extension
The process of building AIR applications has been made very easy thanks to a new extension for Flash CS5. You get access to this at the same time you get the AIR runtime that I talked about in the last paragraph. This extension allows you to create a new project for Android and, if your device is connected, you can publish right to the device and even debug on the device. No command line needed at all!

Google TV with AIR and Flash
Another big announcement for Google was their new set-top box allowing you to do web stuff on your TV. It is actually much more involved than the way I’m describing it. It will also allow you to run Android apps (including AIR) on your TV. The browser includes Flash Player 10.1 so you can browse to all your favorite video sites on your TV. Get your head out of gutter, I don’t mean those kinds of sites. Here is a cool video showing off Google TV.

HTC Evo-4G For All
Google handed out the brand new HTC Evo-4G to every attendee and this phone is badass! It has the largest screen of any smartphone and is a real powerhouse. Below are some random shots I took from the HTC UI. Expect some examples of AIR running on this badboy. Did I mention it has HDMI out?

These are exciting times to be a Flash developer!

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