Fixing Code Hinting in Flash CS5

I’m sure that most people who frequent this blog have already downloaded the Flash CS5 trial and started playing with it. If not, go over to the Adobe site to get it. One of the coolest new features is custom class introspection in the Actions editor. There is one important thing to be aware of though in order to get things running smoothly. In the screenshot below you will notice that a yellow warning sign appeared in the bottom-right of the panel when I tried to use code hinting. This means that Flash found too many files on the classpath and basically it stopped looking for custom ActionScript files.

Ok so what does all this mean? If you set a source folder in your ActionScript settings, you need to be sure that it is not a top-level folder on your system or any other folder that has a large amount of sub-directories in it. When Flash starts traversing that folder it will only go so far before bailing out. The fix? Just make sure that you point Flash to a dedicated directory of source files and also save your FLA file into its own folder rather than just plopping it onto the desktop. If you do get the little yellow warning, you will have to relaunch Flash in order to fix the issue once you move your files to a more appropriate location.


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