Using Flash Builder 4 with your Flex 3 Projects

Flash Builder 4 has been out in public beta for a while and it’s been fun to see it progress. One of the things I noticed about the early betas was how some of the basic features like refactoring and event handler generation made a huge difference in my productivity regardless of whether I was using Flex 3 or Flex 4.

Now that Flash Builder 4 is out, it’s even more polished and you still get some of those benefits in your Flex 3 projects. If you’re currently in the middle of a Flex 3 application or you’re planning on targeting Flex 3 for a while, you can still get a lot out of Flash Builder 4. Andrew Shorten has a good rundown of how you can use Flash Builder 4 with Flex 3 projects. It’ll save you a lot of time and make your Flex experience that much better.

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