Comparison – Full Screen H.264 video on Google Nexus 1 vs. MacBook pro

We were contacted by the lads over at about video on mobile to gather some more information. I decided rather than give them the technical marketing belch, it might be better just to show them via video how well Flash Player 10.1, running on the Google Nexus One smartphone, can render full screen H.264. Unfortunately, the camera I used to film this does not do the video justice, nor does the Youtube conversion. If I get a better result on Vimeo, I will replace the video embedded. Nevertheless, this video shows a true comparison on how a full screen video experience runs roughly the same whether using the Gala Flash Player (Mac OSX hardware accelerated) on a MacBook Pro 15 inch laptop and the Google Nexus One Android Smartphone using the latest Flash Player 10.1 (not Flash Lite – full Flash Player).

The video can be seen at

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