Demo of Flash Player 10.1 on Droid X

As we discussed earlier this week, Motorola just announced the Droid X for Verizon, which will include Flash Player 10.1 when the phone’s OS is upgraded to Froyo later this summer. Ted Patrick, technical evangelist at Adobe, shows off the device running Flash content. Check it out below.

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2 thoughts on “Demo of Flash Player 10.1 on Droid X

  1. Wow, what he states is “the full open web running on Adobe Flash Player 10.1” ref: 2:21 min marker.

    Funny, thought a browser was needed to surf, and it supplied a place holder for Flash to run via (Plug-in). No mention of a browser, so sounds like 10.1 will rock the world. He mentions the version #’s of soon to released phones and Player updated software, which is nice if you don’t already have a Droid X.

    I guess the biggest “?”, why do phone manufactures have to change their hardware to support Player? Yes, the same thing that Adobe can’t seem to get around, CPU INTENSIVE. Oh sure, you’ll hear GPU, Graphics .., or, yes you have to change the hardware. Player Lite, small, big, wide, up, down, fat, skinny, hot, cold, blah blah. You must have the proper hardware, so put it in there. Same old story, battery draining, CPU, or GPU intensive, security challenged (Settings- approve-deny- local-global ) Flash!

    Don’t get me wrong, Flash is great on my desktops. With all the requirements by other groups, ( phone , GPU chip makers ), there are no real efforts with Adobe’s software Flash. It just seems like a car with a flat tire, and Adobe, has elected to change the car instead of the tire.

    P.S. There is a lack of video being demonstrated in the video??