YouTube Uses Flash – Google Explains Why

A great, detailed post on the YouTube API blog from Google’s YouTube team explains why they depend on the Flash Platform to deliver 2 billion videos a day to people worldwide.

The team explains how Flash provides a reliable way deliver video to the browser, securely; how Flash makes it easy for people to share videos and embed on other sites; how you can go fullscreen in HD with videos using Flash Player, and how the 1000’s of people who record and upload vids directly to YouTube need camera and microphone access “which would not be possible without Flash technology.”

Thanks to the YouTube team for shedding some light on why Flash is such a major part of the most-used video site on the web.


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7 thoughts on “YouTube Uses Flash – Google Explains Why

  1. The extra attention this whole Flash vs HTML5 thing is getting has turned into a razor-sharp focus on video playback.

    It almost seems that video is all anyone cares about even though Flash will probably continue to be useful as an interactive/animation tool even if it loses its foothold as the dominant audio/video web player.

  2. Why is there no easy way to embed Streaming Media from websites like YouTube, or Mp3 files into all the Adobe media products?
    Acrobat, Indesign, Flash, Catalyst etc.

    If Adobe is creating tools to create compelling content then why are they not creating components to make it easy to just copy an embed code, or give an audio or video player an mp3 file to read off a site so it can play within a document.

    Currently if you try and give a embed code or http address with a .mp3 on the end it has no idea what it is. This just seems silly to me. That technology has been around for way to many years for it not to be included in every product.

    People have to reinvent the wheel to get this type of interactivity going. I had to beg an Adobe engineer to make me an Acrobat tool so that I could embed YouTube movies so they stream within the docuement. That code should have been part of the app. It makes no sense to me. Adobe should be ahead of the curve not behind it. We are in a world where interactivity is king so make sure that all these great tools can use what others create. Video, Audio, etc. .should be able to be embedded in all Adobe tools that create or design content. i.e Flash, Indesign, Acrobat, Catalyst…etc.

    How about a Flash to HTML5 converter so that people who love to use the Flash tools do not have re-learn another tool to create content on HTML5, just give them a converter.

    Sorry for the rant, Adobe’s development team just needs to get ahead of the curve instead of being behind it.