Flash Rocks

Yesterday we introduced you to Flash Rocks! For the next several weeks, we’ll share many innovative applications on Facebook and Twitter that were built with the Flash Platform. In promoting these experiences perhaps it will help spark your own creative juices.

Check out our very first Flash Rocks app from The Eco Zoo at ecodazoo.com, where you can get eco-friendly advice through its striking interactive interface.


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One thought on “Flash Rocks

  1. What’s the progress on Hardware Accelerated Flash video on OS X? 10.1 barely put a dent into the problems. I had Gala and it was better, but not stable. Is there anyway you guys can rethink your business strategy and put the OS X version on the priority list.

    I can’t imagine you would ignore a major portion of the web development community especially with Apple and others pushing us to switch to pure CSS / Javascript solutions! Everyday that goes buy is another day closer to me dumping flash from my sites and not recommending it to my clients…

    Come on already…