Hero – The Flex Framework

Adobe is currently building new mobile development capabilities into the Flex framework. The next version of Flex, codenamed “Hero”, will enable developers to create application experiences that translate well across platforms, and make it easy to build applications that work well on a wide variety of mobile devices. To understand this more, take a look at this video.

“Hero” will augment a number of existing Flex components with mobile- and touch-optimized skins and functionality, and will also add new components that support mobile-specific UI patterns.

Previously, Adobe had investigated splitting off mobile development into a new branch of the Flex framework code-named “Slider”. However, the rapid increases in performance on smartphone-class devices over the past year, combined with the highly optimized performance of Adobe runtimes on these devices, now make it feasible to support mobile use cases directly with the core Flex framework.

Read the rest of what we’re doing here:

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