FITC San Francisco – Come one, Come All

Next week is FITC San Francisco. FITC is one of my favorite Flash conferences of all time and having it in San Francisco means that a bunch of Adobeans are going to be out in force. It also means you get the big guns. Like Kevin Lynch giving the keynote.

It is an incredibly interesting period for Adobe and Flash developers. The word I keep hearing is that we’re in a period of “hyperchange” with the drive for multi-screen and an increasingly app-centric world. But all of this is good for Flash developers. While HTML5 is fantastic for a lot of reasons, it’s also not fully baked yet. It will be, I’m not worried about that, but the hupe surrounding it hasn’t caught up with the reality of how hard it is to make the jump to mobile web content. Or create complex applications/content.

So this is a pretty pivotal FITC. And I think a lot of us at Adobe are looking forward to talking with you guys and providing some context to the stories you hear. Adobe is going to be a busy place over the next year and there’s a lot that should excite Flash developers. FITC is a chance to get a taste of that.

So go register!

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