Flash Player “Square”: 64-bit on Windows, OSX and Linux

Native 64-bit support is one of the most requested features for Flash Player so I’m sure this news is going to make a lot of people happy. Today we’re releasing a preview of Flash Player “Square” which includes native 64-bit support.

Today we’re making available a preview of Adobe Flash Player that we’re calling “Square.” This preview includes support for two new areas, namely enhanced support for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 Beta and native 64-bit support for all major desktop operating systems including Linux, Mac, and Windows.

This is obviously very exciting news but please keep in mind that this is a preview release.

We’ve found “Square” to be stable and ready for broad testing, but keep in mind this a sneak peek and not everything will be fully baked. Those using the previous 64-bit version of Flash Player for Linux should find this new version even faster and more stable.  If you encounter any issues, I’d encourage you to file a bug in our public database [https://bugs.adobe.com/flashplayer/] so we can investigate.

More info on the Flash Player Team blog. The download is now available on Adobe Labs.

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