Flash Player “Square” With IE9, Native 64-bit Support

Flash Player SquareToday you can go download the beta of IE9 and from what I’ve seen it looks like it’s pretty damn impressive. We also released a version of Flash Player, codenamed “Square” which not only has support for IE9, but includes a bunch of code collaboration that we did with Microsoft to create a really streamlined experience. The Flash Player Team Blog has a bunch of info:

As part of our collaboration with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team over the past few months, Flash Player “Square” has been enhanced to directly support the hardware-accelerated graphics capabilities in the newest version of IE. Flash Player “Square” leverages the new GPU support available with Internet Explorer 9 Beta to deliver a faster and more responsive user experience with Flash-based content. In our internal testing, we’ve seen significant improvements in Flash Player graphics performance – exceeding 35% in Internet Explorer 9 Beta compared to Flash Player running in previous versions of IE. While the performance improvements will vary based on the type of content and how it’s created, bitmap-heavy content for Flash Player will experience the greatest benefit. Flash-enabled content that’s embedded as transparent (wmode=”transparent”) will also run more efficiently given the benefits of offloading the HTML and Flash content compositing to the GPU. Try it out by downloading the Internet Explorer 9 Beta and the Flash Player “Square” preview. We’d appreciate your feedback and observations on performance.

So right off the bat with IE9 you get hardware support for Flash. We’ve also (finally) got native 64-bit binaries for Mac, Linux, and Windows. It’s been a long time coming, but we hope you get a chance to test these versions out and give us feedback.

We’re only a couple of months from MAX, and this gives you a taste of some of the things we’ve been working on. Between the work on HTML5 with Dreamweaver and Illustrator and the work the Flash Platform teams have been doing, it’s going to be an incredible year for RIAs and for Adobe designers/developers.

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