Helping Out with the Drupal Services Module

I’ve been on vacation since mid-last week and still have a couple of days left, but I was really excited about this so I wanted to make sure I posted about it. I’ve gotten some budget from Adobe to help contribute to the Drupal Services module to help get it ready and compatible for Drupal 7.

If you’ve done any work with Drupal and Flash you know that the Services module is a pretty key part of the integration. After talking to Greg Dunlap, the mastermind behind Services, it was pretty apparent to me that helping contribute to his effort would go the longest way towards making sure Drupal 7 works really well with Flash in addition to helping the wider Drupal community.

I think there are a lot of places where Drupal can benefit from Flash. My colleague Mihai has done a couple of blog posts around creating Flex apps for Drupal and I think that LiveCycle Collaboration Service integration is something that a lot of Drupal users would benefit from.

So I’m stoked about Drupal 7. I want to give a big thanks to Josh Kopel and Jared Stoneberg for making the initial introductions and being so helpful with my Drupal questions. The Seattle Drupal community is fantastic. And this wouldn’t be possible without the great folks at Palantir, especially Tiffany Ferriss who dealt with my delays and back and forths.

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