Radar running on the Samsung Galaxy Pad (European)

Last week I visited Toronto in Canada for the second FITC Mobile event, part of the Mobile Innovation week held in the city.  As always the event was a great success and it was nice to meet up with old friends, and hear about the exciting new ideas in the mobile industry.

Samsung were a sponsor this year again, and thankfully the team had brought along a couple of Samsung Galaxy Tab devices for the attendees to play with. The device is very nice, light in the hand and with a beautiful bright screen – the whole experience is very fluid. Something that I missed at the launch was the inclusion of a phone, so it was great to see added functionality and play with the browser.

With a little arm twisting I managed to install the very latest AIR2.5 beta for Android and test out my application, Radar.

On the way to Canada I have been playing with dynamic layouts, and trying to figure out how the application will scale for different screen sizes. At the time I was only thinking about the desktop, Nexus One and Droid 2 – but hey, why not a tablet :-)

The video below shows the experience running well, although the demo gods were circling…

Terry Ryan, Paul Trani and Brian Rinaldi were also at the event, it was great to catch up with the US Evangelists. In fact Paul also recorded a great video demo of Flash in the browser on the Samsung Tablet here:

I am also provide the update source files for this demo below, maybe you can think of new features and play around with the UI?


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