New Mobile Trader Desktop Demo App for Android

I built a new “Mobile Trader Desktop” application that I published on the Android Market. This is a demo application (with simulated data) built with Flex “Hero” and running on AIR for Android.

To install the application, just search for “Mobile Trader” on the Android Market, or access the following URL from your device’s browser: market://search?q=pname:air.MobileTrader.

You can download the source code (project file) here. You need Flash Builder Burrito (available here) to open this project.

Quick Application Walkthrough

The “Assets” tab shows a summary of your investment portfolio’s progress. You can use swipe and zoom gestures on the chart at the bottom of the screen to navigate through historical data. Notice that if you rotate your device (in landscape), the layout changes to display a full screen view of the chart. The charts in this application are built using simple FXG paths (not mx charts).

The “Watch” tab shows a price grid with values changing in real time. In this demo the feed is simulated at the client side, but I will post another version of the application that connects to an LCDS server. If you tap a stock in the list, you get a real time chart view of the updates of the selected stock.

If you rotate your device, the layout changes to better fit the chart in landscape view.

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