Summary of Adobe AIR Related Announcements at MAX

Now that Adobe MAX is officially in full-swing, I thought I would summarize some of the key announcements that are most relevant for developers building AIR apps.

  • Adobe AIR 2.5
    • For a detailed look into what’s new in AIR 2.5, please see our What’s new in Adobe AIR 2.5 article that covers the new capabilities available in the desktop, mobile and television profiles. This is a major release for developers looking to build multiscreen applications. To see an example of just how easy it is to build an Android application, please watch Lee Brimelow’s recording Publishing AIR for Android Applications where he demonstrates how to build and deploy an application to the Android market in under six minutes!
    • If you are looking for additional details related to the release, please explore our AIR 2.5 developer release notes. To submit feature requests, please visit our Adobe AIR Ideas website. Bugs can be submitted to our team using the feedback form on
    • Important: Developers that have deployed a desktop application using the Application Updater framework prior to the release of AIR 2.5 should read the following tech note: Changes to AIR 2.5 Application Updater Framework.
    • Adobe AIR for TV product manager Aditya Bansod recorded an overview presentation describing how developers can begin to build applications for televisions using AIR 2.5. For additional information, see this press release.
    • There are a number of new capabilities in AIR 2.5 desktop including support for web fonts. Thank you to our friends at TypeKit for working with us to provide support for web fonts in AIR 2.5 desktop. Please be sure to check out the blog post on the TypeKit team blog for details. In addition, Mihai Corlan, a platform evangelist at Adobe, wrote an excellent article titled Using web fonts with Adobe AIR 2.5 that explores how to take advantage of web font support to build a basic news reader desktop application using HTML and JavaScript.
  • BlackBerry® PlayBook™ Support
  • Adobe Flash Builder "Burrito" and Adobe Flex SDK "Hero"
    • Adobe announced the preview release of Flash Builder "Burrito" which includes support for developing mobile and multi-screen applications and accelerated coding for Flex and ActionScript projects. For additional information, please be sure to see product manager Andrew Shorten’s blog post What’s new in Flash Builder "Burrito".
    • A preview release of Flex SDK "Hero" is now available providing support for building multi-screen applications using new mobile components. For additional information, explore the article Mobile development using Adobe Flex SDK "Hero" and Flash Builder "Burrito" by Narciso Jaramillo. In addition, Deepa Subramaniam wrote a detailed article on many of the new non-mobile capabilities of the Flex SDK "Hero" release.
    • A number of Flex mobile sample applications are available for download on Adobe Labs.
  • Adobe Flash Professional CS5
  • Adobe InMarket
  • Adobe AIR Launchpad Mobile Support
  • Upcoming 3D Support in Flash Player and AIR
    • As part of the keynote, Adobe TV Kevin Lynch introduced Project Molehill, a set of new 3D APIs coming to Flash player and Adobe AIR. For additional information, please watch the amazing video below and also visit Adobe Labs page describing the project.

Sneak peak at upcoming 3D support coming to Flash Player and Adobe AIR.

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