Android Dev: Resolving Empty List Of Devices Attached via USB Debugging on Windows

This is useful tip for Android developers on Windows, especially if you are AIR for Android developer and use Flash Builder or Flash Professional and want to debug and test your apps on mobile phone via USB. On Mac I didn’t have any problem, I just plugged device via USB and it has started working. On Windows it’s a little more tricky. It’s missing driver problem.

First, you install Android SDK.

And when you connect your Android device via USB – it can happen that you see empty list of devices by calling: adb devices command available in android-sdk/tools folder.

Now I was like: WHAT? My device is connected over USB, it’s working on my Mac laptop and now it doesn’t work on Windows, what am I doing wrong?

So I downloaded useful tool USBDeview, which shows all connected USB devices and my device was there. (very useful tool, get it here)

Alright, the problem is that you don’t have your Android USB device driver installed and default Windows driver isn’t enough.

Driver is available in android-sdk/usb-driver:

You can find the driver in android-sdk/usb-driver folder.

Go to Device Manager on your PC:

You see, that Nexus One shows some warning. Open it, reinstall driver by pointing to android-sdk/usb-driver folder.

If it gets succesfully installed, you will get something like this:

Now when you run adb devices command, you should see your device already there:

Good Luck!

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