MAX Wrap Up

Wow… I can’t believe that around this time exactly a week ago we were partying at the MAX Bash. Well… The MAX Bash was already over and we continued the party in the hotel bar 😉 Now… Where do I start…? Did I not tell you that this was going to be the best MAX ever? Even on a personal level this one is going to be hard to top. I mean… It was already pretty amazing to be on stage welcoming everybody for the day 1 keynote while Joa Ebert was coding and Eric Natzke was making some amazing art behind me.

Backstage MAX Online was already in full swing. Joining Ryan Stewart in hosting MAX Online was also a lot of fun and meeting/interviewing Martha Stewart is also going to be hard to beat.

Then my live intervention from the Device Lab in the day 1 keynote and hosting the Iron Builder segment in day 2…

And later that night meeting William Shatner… (I owe you one Nicole!)

I’m telling ya… It’s going to be hard to top this next year.

And then I haven’t even started about the amazing things we talked about in the keynotes and sneaks, the lovely people I met, winning the “Are You Smarter Than An Evangelist” contest with my evangelist colleagues, the new technologies that launched at MAX, … The AIR team has a great overview of AIR related announcements. You should also check Adobe Labs for more things to start playing with. My favorites are the preview releases of Flash Builder “Burrito” with Flex “Hero” and Flash Catalyst “Panini” as well as the first ever public demo of the BlackBerry PlayBook and the sneak peek of the upcoming 3D capabilities in Flash Player.

MAX will be back in Los Angeles on October 1st to 5th 2011. You better mark that in your calendar so you don’t miss it next year! I hear you can get very cheap airline tickets if you book well in advance 😉

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