Getting Started with the BlackBerry PlayBook and Adobe AIR

As I’ve mentioned, I’m excited about the fact that RIM has wholeheartedly embraced AIR for their PlayBook. That means if you’re a Flash or Flex developer you’re going to be able to easily target this device along with all of the other phones and tablets that support AIR.

And there is no reason you can’t get started right away. RIM just released a new version of the AIR SDK that you can use along with their simulator to get stared building apps. I did a quick tutorial embedded below that shows the steps needed to get going. It’s pretty easy to get a jump and the emulator gives you a feel for how your application will behave on the device.

I’ll be talking a lot more about development on the PlayBook over the next couple of months and I’ve got a few projects that will be specifically targeting the 7″ form factor so I’ll be talking about those and showing some best practices.

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