Android Pictures and MP3 Remote Control Reloaded

Last year, I’ve made two Android applications that connect to desktop apps: AndroidPictures (you can see the phone’s camera roll on a desktop) and Remote Control for desktop MP3 player (you can control an AIR desktop MP3 player from your mobile phone). Because at that time, Flex “Hero” wasn’t available I rewrote these apps last week  this time using the mobile components from Flex “Hero”.

The reason I rewrote them with Flex “Hero” is quite simple: to see if it simpler or more complicated compared to plain Flex. And not surprisingly it is much simpler with Flex “Hero”. Actually I love so much the Views and ViewNavigator, that I’d love to have them available for desktop applications too.

One note on how these apps connect to each other: I used the new Peer 2 Peer capabilities from AIR/Flash Player. This part is extremely simple actually and if you have a look at the source code you’ll find that I wrap this functionality in a library that is used in both projects.

You can download them from here:

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