Great Game Programming Book (with example)

I’ve been looking at many gaming books lately but ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University by Gary Rosenzweig is a particularly good one. For a while I was trying to figure out how to make a Bejeweled game from scratch. Well this book actually walks you through building one. All of the examples are built using Flash Pro, which I found particularly helpful. Some of you hardcore folks may disagree though. There are many great examples of games ranging from space, trivia, casino games, and more. All of the source files can be downloaded from the book’s website.

Below you will find my Bejeweled ripoff called CS Jewels. All I did was basically reskin Gary’s example from the book in addition to a few minor tweaks. But the important thing is that I actually understand the code now. You have to click the pieces as dragging is not built in. Still pretty cool though.


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So if you are new to game programming, this book is a great introduction to most of the key concepts. Look for some more game book reviews in the future.

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