Lapse It – time-lapse video app made with AIR for Android

I just came across this very nicely made time-lapse video application in the Android Market. Lapse It is built with Flex 4.5 and runs on the AIR runtime. You can set the capture interval to anything from 1 second to as long as you like. You can also limit the length of your capture by limiting the amount of frames, by setting a time or you can stop it manually. Lapse It will capture frames with a resolution up to 720p (the free version is limited to 240×160) and the final result can be either a JPEG sequence or an FLV video. The app also has a built-in video player so you can immediately see the result and will even allow you to directly upload it to YouTube.

I was going to record the sunrise this morning… But then I remembered that I actually live in Belgium and are in the middle of the winter… 😉 The chances for sun are very slim and this morning it was too cloudy to record anything useful. I love time-lapse video so you can bet on the fact that I will be using this app whenever I can!

Go check it out!

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