Open Source Media Framework Marketplace

If you’re doing anything with video you’ve probably heard of the Open Source Media Framework (OSMF). It’s one of the cooler projects at Adobe and provides a component that can be customized and extended for whatever you want from video delivery.

OSMF includes a robust plug-in architecture that lets developers extend it and add features. The OSMF team has put together a marketplace for tutorials, white papers, and plug-ins for OSMF. It looks like it’s a great resource for all things OSMF and a bunch of the Flash media rockstars have already contributed content. The guys at Realeyes Media have put up an example plugin that lets you track analytics when using OSMF. Almer/Blank has a reference card that covers the important parts of OSMF. And Jodie O’Rourke has a getting started article for an introductory look at OSMF.

I think it’s a cool way to expose a bunch of developer-related content. If you’re knowledgeable about OSMF, definitely think about contributing some content. And if you’re just wanting to show video, take a look at some of the plug-ins and documents that make it easy. And everyone should check out the StageVideo Plugin for using StageVideo with OSMF.

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