Wilderness Downtown wins FWA Site of the Year Award and why it was my nr1

This year I was honored to be a judge for the FWA Site of the Year Award. It was a really difficult task to pick a winner out of the many amazing and very creative entries. Wilderness Downtown was a bit of an odd duck in the list. It was the only finalist created with HTML5. But you know what? It doesn’t matter! Wilderness Downtown wasn’t about one technology killing the other. It was about being creative and creating an interesting and unique experience. I think that’s exactly what The FWA SOTY award is all about and that is also the reason why it was number one on my list.

My number 2 won the People’s Choice Award. I really should say that it was a shared number 1 position because I couldn’t really pick one over the other. They’re both amazing pieces. The Lexus Dark Ride is a beautifully built interactive film that looks and feels like a Hollywood blockbuster.

The FWA has reactions from both winners and judges and a behind the scenes video from the makers of The Wilderness Downtown. Go check it out! Judging for this award was a lot of fun and it was great to get reminded about how much cool stuff is being done on the web these days. Regardless of which technology you choose… just keep making cool and creative experiences!

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