Imagine this new 3D Flash technology applied to enterprise

Earlier today, the guys at Flare3D posted an amazing video on YouTube showing off their upcoming game that will take advantage of the soon to be released Flash 3D features (code name Molehill). Take a look at the video below (43 seconds long):

I suggest viewing this full-screen.

Did you notice that it’s also multiplayer?  What’s amazing about this is that you will be able to play games like this in your web browser!

Now… start thinking about what can be done using this same technology in non-gaming environments. Here are a few ideas I had:

  • Extremely rich data visualization that can be interactively explored in 3D space – this will let us go well beyond bar and pie charts and visualize and interact with extremely complex, multidimensional data in meaningful ways
  • Creating 3D environments for training – allowing the viewer to familiarize themselves with a dangerous facility before actually stepping foot into it
  • Product tours – we’ve seen websites that allow the viewer to spin a widget on the screen to see it from different angles, but this will take it to the next level and allow much more immersive product exploration
  • Don’t forget about all of the collaboration capabilities you could add using Flash’s P2P features as well as LiveCycle Collaboration Service
  • What else?  It’s time to start imagining because the technology is at the doorstep.

It’s incredibly fun to watch everything evolve. We’re seeing some amazing demos of what people are doing with HTML5 canvas ( – a huge advance in what we could do with traditional HTML/JS/CSS. It’s nice to see Flash taking it to the next level as well. When everything advances, we all benefit and our lives as developers get more interesting!

Thanks to Serge Jespers for showing me the Flare3D video!


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