Molehill 3D Now Available on Adobe Labs

I’m sure everyone in the world is already aware of this but I need to post this regardless. Thibault and I had the honor of announcing the first public preview of the Molehill 3D API on Adobe Labs. We did it as the keynote for the Flash Gaming Summit, which was very fitting. The excitement generated by this announcement has been truly overwhelming. In addition to the Molehill API many of the 3D frameworks like Away3D and Flare3D have also released early versions of their APIs that target Molehill. This is especially important for people like me who don’t want to write OpenGL-style code.

This preview release is part of a new program called the Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Player Incubator. Here is the official description of the program from the Adobe Labs site:

“The Adobe® AIR® and Adobe Flash® Player Incubator is a technology preview program for more adventurous developers who are willing to experiment with Flash Platform runtime features that are in early development stages. Test the bleeding-edge capabilities of runtimes and contribute to the future of the Flash Platform. Please note that the capabilities in the Incubator builds may or may not be supported in future releases of the runtimes.”

You can obviously expect a lot of Molehill-related content on this blog from here on out. I’m planning a getting started tutorial and will also showcase some great examples. Later today I’m interviewing a company who ported their Wii game developed in C++ to Molehill in one week. Simply amazing!

So run over to the Adobe Labs site and get started!

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