The future of tablet computers, an alternative view

During the past few months, I’m seeing tons of tablet computers. I have three myself for demos and such. However, a few days ago, I was in a meeting with some executives at a large company and watched as they pulled out their iPads and start taking notes. A few of them also pulled out wireless keyboards and propped up their iPads at about a 45-50 degree angle. Seems like a good setup, right?

Suddenly, I had a vision of the future!

WHAT IF we combined the keyboard and the tablet? Imagine if the screen of the tablet were approximately the same size as the keyboard and there was a hinge connecting them so that the screen could be folded down on top of the keyboard. This would allow the tablet and keyboard to be carried as a single unit while simultaneously providing sturdy support for the screen!

Now we have a new challenge. It seems time consuming and frustrating to me to be constantly reaching over the keyboard to interact with the screen. Well, I have a genius idea to solve this issue as well. I’m thinking that we could put a small touch surface with the same aspect ratio of the tablet on the keyboard… maybe under the spacebar so it’s easily accessible. When I touch, swipe or make gestures, the screen could respond as if I was touching it directly. Since the aspect ratios match, I think most users would quickly adjust and we may find that this new mini-touch surface could provide even more efficient interactions than touching a large screen.

Something like this!

Brilliant, huh?! Does anyone else have these crazy futuristic visions or am I the only one?

Ok, ok – I’m joking, but it does make you think… Either way, I do love tablets for casual reading and surfing. ;)


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