Conqu – one of the coolest Android apps outhere

Fellow evangelist, Terry Ryan, showed me yesterday a tablet app for Android called Conqu. After I installed and played with it for about 5 minutes, I was like: “Wow! Mate, this is the coolest app for Android tablets ever!”.

The application is helping you to “Get the things done” – managing tasks. Here is a video and screenshots:

And by the way, this application is built using Flex 4.5 (“Hero”) and uses Adobe AIR for Android as a runtime. Now this is something pretty cool. Well done guys!!!

Because they use the Flash Plaform, it isn’t that hard to target other Flash supported devices such as: PlayBook, desktops, or iOS. In fact if you take a look at their roadmap, this is exactly what they are up to.

I really like the fact that they work on a feature that allows synchronization between devices over the cloud. This will facilitate team work and make this app an interesting and appealing choice for small/medium business.

Getting the App

You can install the application from here (for now there is only tablet version) and here you can check the roadmap and features.

Congratulations to the people behind this project. I’m looking forward to test their desktop/PlayBook/iPad versions and hope to meet them in person. Really curious to talk  about their experience building this app.

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