Happy 10th birthday Ultrashock!

Wow… Ultrashock.com is 10 years old! Thinking about Ultrashock brings back a whole lot of memories! I did some work behind the scenes in its early days and I’m really happy to see it’s still around.

Ultrashock is one of the original Flash community sites created by Peter “NRG” Van den Wyngaert and Patrick Miko. It’s fantastic to see that the Ultrashock community is still alive and kicking. Back in the early days it was mostly just a forum but these days Ultrashock is so much more. They are now also selling the coolest creative assets around. From the coolest and most original background music to some amazing particle engines. You can find it all on Ultrashock these days.

To celebrate their 10th anniversary they put together an amazing bundle with tons of creative files and vouchers. Instead of paying $1500 you can now get it for just $49! Go grab it today!

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