Flash Gaming Deep-Dive Workshop at FITC

In a couple of weeks I will be heading to Toronto for the big 10th anniversary celebration of FITC. This is going to be a big one. I will be doing my Don’t Hate the Player session in addition to a full-day workshop entitled Flash Gaming Deep-Dive. Here are the details on what I’ll cover.

Industry overview
Here I will give a mini version of my regular session to give folks an overview of the Flash game industry. Before we get our hands dirty it will be helpful to know the landscape.

Physics with Box2D
In this section we will build a small physics game using Box2D. We’ll go over setting up your world, creating the game play, and go over the basics of collision detection.

Game frameworks
When building a game in Flash you can do everything yourself if that’s what you really want to do. The better option is to use one of the game frameworks like Flixel or PBE. In this section we will build a simple game using both frameworks and discuss their differences.

Optimization techniques
The real benefit of building games in Flash is that you can distribute them to the web, desktop, and mobile devices. Because of that optimization is especially important. In this section we will talk about mobile optimization and techniques like blitting to make your games lightening fast.

Molehill fundamentals
The future of gaming is clearly the Molehill rendering engine. In this section we will cover the basics of both 3D and 2D Molehill and create a series of examples with gaming in mind.

Plus more…
There will be other topics covered that I will be putting together over the next few weeks.

As a side note, I will be attending the UFC 129 in Toronto with Grande Leche the Saturday before the event. If you’re going too let me know and I’ll buy you a beer!

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