Slides and Code from 360Flex Denver

360Flex Denver360|Flex Denver was an absolutely fantastic event. I was at the first 360 and have watched the event grow and mature over the years. It’s always been the best Flex conference out there, but there was something about those first few 360′s that had so much energy and got the community excited. This event felt like that. I’d rank it as one of the best 360′s I’ve ever been to. The attendees were enthusiastic and great to talk to, the keynotes were awesome and inspiring, and John and Nicole were at the top of their game as far as hosting went. It might have been all of the mobile stuff, it might have been the announcement on day 2 of Project Spoon, but this 360Flex was just all around great.

So of course, I made a bit of a misstep with my talk. At what was one of the greatest Flex conferences of the past 5 years, I go and give an HTML5/jQuery talk. But hopefully it was still fun. And to be honest, as I dove into HTML5 and jQuery for this talk, I learned that we have it very, very good as Flex developers. There are a lot of great things about HTML5 and especially jQuery, but if you’re building complex RIAs and applications, Flex has solved a ton of problems that the HTML5/JS world hasn’t yet. I definitely think they will, and the community around JS and jQuery is great, but as a Flex developer, you’ve got the best of both worlds and you’re going to be able to jump over to jQuery/HTML5 projects and bring some very valuable knowledge about building complex apps.

Thanks to everyone who attended the talk. My slides can be found here (and embedded below) and you can grab the demos from my GitHub repository here.

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