Next-gen profiling for Flash Player and AIR

Last week, I spoke at the Adobe Live event in Paris about Flash Player and AIR and the future evolutions we are bringing to the platform. At the end of my session I gave a sneak peek of one of the features we are working on related to profiling. It will revolutionize the way you do profiling in Flash Player and AIR today.

Just for a little context about it, today, you can mainly profile the VM through the Flash Builder profiler, but soon, thanks to this feature, Flash Builder will also allow you to profile everything in the player, down to the deep internals of it. You want to know how much time is taken on each frame ? To do what ? The overall frame rate stability ? How much time a frame takes to be rendered ? Which network operations are being processed at a specific frame ? The impact of the frame rate ? The load on the CPU or GPU ? Everything the renderer does ? Then, you will be happy with this new feature. And guess what, this profiling runs with the release player, not the debugger version ;)

Below is the video of the presentation, jump to the specific section “Le futur du profiling” if you do not want to see the whole session. In the session, I use an AIR tool, which acts as a Socket server and receives all the data from the Flash Player running in the browser. I tell you, this feature is going to be sweet.

I am sorry, this session is in French as it happened in Paris. So if you have a French mate at your office or around you, ask him for translation ;)

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