Slides and FlashCamp beginner course

Some people asked for the slides and tutorial used at the FlashCamp San Francisco 2011. So here are the slides:


And here is a ZIP file containing the tutorial (a PDF file) used for the beginner course on mobile and the finished projects. There are five exercises in this tutorial:

  • Your first Flex mobile project – this will guide you through the steps to create a Flex mobile project
  • Testing and deploying your project – you will learn how you can test the project on desktop simulator or, if you have an Android device, how you can run it on the device
  • Persisting the application state and controlling the Action bar
  • Working with external data sources – you will create a simple Twitter client
  • Working with LiveCycle Collaboration Service – this exercise will show you how easily you can create real-time collaborative applications using the  cloud-based service LiveCycle Collaboration Service.

Flex Mobile Bootcamp

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